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MUCEC is a non-profit charity supporting distressed women in Colon, Panama.  Donations are tax deductible in Panama and the United States.


Deynis Brenes.

Age: 3 

Colón, Panamá

Yamel Benson

Age: 3 

Colón, Panamá

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Reach us by e-mail at:

Sister  Dina dina@mucec.org

Sister Barbara barbara@mucec.org


How can you support us?


"How can I smile and be happy when I have to accept being hungry so that my baby brother and sisters can eat the little bit of food that my mom brings home  ... when I can’t go to school, but rather I have to sell plastic bags on the street and in the market place?

"How can I smile when every day I have to get drinking water from a common faucet shared by so many poor families like mine ... step into open sewers in our streets ... put up with all the drug addicts, violence and, to top it all, watch my mom being abused and my brothers and sisters abandoned.  Life is hard here."

 Can You Help?

"Can you help us and children like me?  We want to grow by sharing with our mothers in  MJUCEC's “Center of Formation” where we’ll learn lots of things, especially new choices and how to help ourselves.  Learning to help ourselves is our only hope. We're willing to work really hard.  Please help if you can."

 Thank you for caring!


Please send your donations to:





Sister Dina Altamiranda


Sister Barbara Ozelski



 For material donations or volunteer work, please call us in Panama at: (507) 447-0828 or come see us personally at CENTRO DE MUJERES COLONENSES EN CAMINO (MUCEC) on Second Street and Amador Guerrero Avenue, which is located right in front of the Colon Tribunal Electorale.

Daycare kids at the MUCEC center doing the chicken dance!